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Welcome to All Suites Whitney Manor

Built in 1817 and reimagined for the 21st century, Whitney Manor is a boutique hotel that combines timeless elegance with modern amenities and luxury in the heart of the 1000 Islands.


As a self-catered accommodation, each suite in our historic hotel acts as its own luxury apartment offering guests a chance to relax and enjoy their stay in a setting that offers so much more than your typical shoe-box size hotel room. In all of our one and two bedroom suites you'll find a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious living and dining area, a private balcony or patio, in-suite laundry, and so much more!




Indulge in an extraordinary boutique hotel experience at Whitney Manor, where luxury takes center stage in every detail. Whether it be the heated marble floors, spa-like bathrooms, or privately furnished patios, our suites are as unique as they are elegant, embodying boutique sophistication in every detail. We take pride in offering our guests a chance to relax and unwind in the most comfortable and spacious surroundings in the 1000 Islands. 

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Experience the blend of old-world charm and contemporary luxury within our unique boutique hotel. Built in 1817, this designated heritage building is one of the oldest limestone structures in the Kingston area. Originally built as a single family dwelling, the Manor has kept its original design and structure intact after being split into five equally distinct and luxurious suites.


Whitney Manor offers the chance for a quiet getaway. Only a five minute drive from the heart of downtown Kingston, the Manor is located in a quiet, suburban neighbourhood, nestled alongside the scenic St. Lawrence River. 

Explore the historic charm of our boutique hotel and experience the perfect blend of past and present. Book your stay at Whitney Manor, where luxury meets history in the heart of the 1000 Islands


The Perfect Destination For...

  • Family Vacations:  Embrace boutique homeliness while creating cherished memories during family getaways.

  • Romantic Getaways: Ignite passion in our intimate and luxurious setting, tailor-made for couples seeking a boutique romantic haven.

  • Birthdays: Elevate birthday celebrations with boutique flair, turning moments into cherished memories.

  • Business Executives: Combine business and boutique luxury seamlessly in our sophisticated accommodations designed for discerning executives.

  • Anniversaries:  Commemorate enduring love in a boutique setting that marries history and contemporary elegance seamlessly.

  • Honeymoons: Begin marital bliss in boutique style, surrounded by curated luxury for an unforgettable honeymoon.

  • Relaxing Getaways: Rejuvenate in boutique tranquility, where every moment is a step away from the ordinary.

Just 5 minutes from downtown Kingston, 15 minutes to Gananoque, and a ferry ride away from the United States, Whitney Manor stands out as the perfect boutique hotel experience for those seeking the best of Kingston & the 1000 Islands.

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